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Raised on lush New Zealand pastures, the beef we stock is in demand all over the world. It is highly sought-after for its full flavour and fine texture and you can get it right on your doorstep from us. It’s more than just good for you – our beef is delicious! Both grass-fed and grain-finished beef is available year round at Westmeat.

Black Angus
Canterbury Angus
Prime Steer Quality Mark
Southern Stations Wagyu                                            Pure South Alliance


Our lamb is naturally raised on abundant fresh green pastures and is world renowned due to its distinctive flavour and palatability. You can get this export quality lamb right here in New Zealand at Westmeat. Our exclusive supply from ANZCO means we have traceability of product from gate to plate.

Anzco Export Quality
Canterbury Lamb


We supply both fresh and frozen chicken sourced from local producers. Our range includes both free range and corn-fed chicken, no matter what cut you get, it will always be the best meat availabe.



Westmeat can cater for all your pork needs. We stock a variety of brands including New Zealand free-range, hormone free and antibiotic free which come from a pig friendly environment, that does not use sow crates or stalls.


From ham, bacon to sausages, we have the best quality continental meats and deli products just for you. Our smallgoods are made from only the finest ingredients, combining quality New Zealand meat and tried and tested European recipes.

Angel Bay

BBQ Rubs and Sauces

To finish off your special dish, you need great sauces and condiments. Our ever increasing range means you can pick up the finishing touches for your meals at the same time you get the perfect cut of meat.